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Abandon All Hope (eReader)

Three nineteen-year-olds (Melissa, a scrappy feminist from the working class in south Philly, Evan, a naive evangelical who was the king of his youth group, and Sean, a cocky logistician from a family of Hollywood royalty) who believe they know everything about life and what may or may not come afterward arrive in Hell, which appears as an infernal dorm room, posed with a diabolical game by a fun-loving demon: the three are challenged to find the demon’s talisman hidden in the room in exchange for instant admission to Heaven. Only the finder will be saved — the other two will be sentenced to eternity trapped with a demon at the height of her power. Tension boils between Evan, Sean, and Melissa. The demon shows each competitor a revealing memory of their final day on Earth. Each character faces tough ethical decisions and comes face-to-face with who they really were in their short lives. A dark comedy for mature audiences inspired by Jean-Paul Sartre’s No Exit, Peter Fenton’s Abandon All Hope explores a nuanced relationship with existentialism, organized religion, and humanity.

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