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Lithium and Xanax and All of My Friends

Robert Martin invites us to journey down a poignant path into the troubled psyche of an “elder millennial.” Adam, the protagonist, is a struggling novelist, temporarily employed as a “food delivery specialist” aka part-time busboy at PF Chang’s.

We first meet Adam as he bursts through the door of his minimally appointed apartment. We never have to leave the room to discover Adam’s painful past and present. Through the sometimes casual, sometimes caustic conversations with his “friends,” Lee, Annie, Will and Remy, we are provided a front row seat to the sturm and drang that have defined the almost three decades of his life. The dialogue runs the gamut from cozy heart to heart exchanges to screaming Kafkaesque rants.

His responses, partly truth, partly fiction, reveal the state of his tortured soul. The brilliant personification reveal shines a light into the darkest most hidden parts of Adam’s soul.

It is a “long day’s journey into night.” The ending, you’ll have to wait and see. We all will have to. In the meantime, grab tissues and be ready for a few deep breathing exercises. The empath in all of us will weep.

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